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Cocodona 250 PreCap and Gear List

It is 2023, and I am a couple of days away from lining up for my third Cocodona 250. What keeps me coming back? I am not totally sure what makes this event so fun, but it really is. The atmosphere, volunteers, and the other runners make it a fully immersive multi-day experience. It is different from FKTs, just as fun but totally different. It is like socializing while doing an FKT. With two previous runnings of the course, the only real strategy I am going to abide by is respecting the first 50k. It is going to be hot, and I don’t always do great in the heat, so I will take the Bradshaw Mountains conservatively.

Training for Cocodona 250 in Montana

Training for Cocodona 250 in Montana PC: Matt Hines

What am I going to wear?

Janji Athlete

Somehow this question has blown up and become more asked than even questions about hallucinations. But, I have some good stuff planned, and you can be sure I have animal print, dresses, and unicorns packed. But, what I wear will be completely decided in the moment. As for the actual running stuff… I recently signed with Janji. I have worn their running clothes on numerous FKTs (including the John Muir Trail), and they are fine with me adding things like a tiger sweatshirt or a knit sweater (my sister knit it), to accessorize the kit.

Cocodona 250 Gear List

I have an eccentric pattern that will add some color to the Arizona desert. But, overall the pockets in these pants and the lightweight yet durable material is why I wore these on the John Muir Trail and they will be my shorts for Cocodona.

Even in retrograde, these pants work really well in the type of cold around Flagstaff. These passed the test on the John Muir Trail, so I feel good about wearing them through the night for Cocodona.

Road running shoes for the comfort and to see if they can work on the trail. These are closeout shoes because I am very cost conscious. I like the wider toe box, but they do wear out quickly. I have some trail shoes just in case too.

Hat: More like a halo because I will feel so enlightened running Cocodona

Finding my Zen for a 250 PC Matt Hines

Finding my Zen for a 250 PC Matt Hines

Socks: Every Pair I own

Last year I wanted to change socks a lot more than I had planned. In fact, Ginny on the crew did laundry halfway so that I had more clean socks. I will probably start in the Swiftwick Maxus REPREVE short socks in the heat, though.

Rain Jacket: Janji Rainrunner

This is the most breathable shell I have used with vents all around, so I will carry it as a windbreaker even if it is not going to rain.

The staples of a balanced diet. The goldfish crackers provide enough seafood that I don’t need to consume sushi mid-race, and the fruit lets me pretend I am eating healthy.

Electrolytes: Salud

I don’t know what black magic this company puts in its formula, but it works for me. The options with caffeine don’t make me jittery, and the options without don’t seem to lead to cramping or anything bad. Salud can sponsor me if they want.

Shirts/Tops: You are going to have to tune into the live stream

This thing will last the entire race without needing a charge.

I am not planning on trekking poles, but I may take them up Mt. Elden at the end of the race or even Mingus at the midway point. Trekking poles burn more calories.

I have not decided how I will carry everything. There is a hefty water carry requirement at the beginning, so I haven’t picked out which pack will be the best through there. Also, the nighttime backpack may have to be a little heavier.

Headlamp: Petzl Nao+ and Nitecore NU25

I have used both of these options for years. The Nitecore is substantial, but I keep it as a backup and use the overpowering Petzl for night travel.

Sunscreen: Sawyer

Less oily than most sunscreens and stays on throughout most of the day.

3 days out there, some stuff is gonna rub.

Charged Crystals and earrings of course! Wish me luck and much fun!

****I may take a Sawyer Squeeze filter for the first 37 miles, but I haven’t decided upon this and how much water I am going to carry. I am not a planner, and lots is in flux still.****

Me and my friend Ted

Me and my friend Ted PC Matt Hines

How to follow Cocodona 250?

Live Stream: Link Here

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