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Day 101 – Flashback

PCT day 14There are many iconic trail Angels on the PCT but I my mind two stand out above the rest. They are also only 24 miles apart and I would not dream of missing either of them. After the Saufleys yesterday I was on to the Andersons today. They are known for their taco salad and their self proclaimed “hippie daycare” mentality. It is one of my favorite places on the trail and was definitely worthy of my stop in for the night and taco salad for dinner. 24 miles would be easy if I stuck to my normal routine but I chose to hang around Agua Dulce until after 9. This made my hike hot. I hiked through the heat of the day and after skirting 3 sides of multiple valleys and having my heart broken from seeing the next 10 miles of trail at a time I arrived at San Fancisquito Canyon Road and made my way in to say hello to Terri and Joe. It was awesome to see them again and whether Terri was stroking my ego or not she did say she remembered me. Another great night at trail Angels and now it’s off into the Mojave desert and away from 3 of my favorite trail spots.

Miles: 454-478

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