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Day 130 – Teton Wilderness

The only goal was to hike out of Yellowstone in order to be at a legal camping spot. Within 3 miles of starting the day I had to cross the incredibly cold Shoshone Lake outlet. It was knee deep and the cold bit to the bone. After the crossing I moved quickly, trying to get warmed up. There is frost on the ground every morning, but the days warm up quite quickly. It is true autumn weather. I think lakes around a few geysers and around Heart Lake before following the trail through some meadows and out of Yellowstone. I only saw two hikers all Day despite it being one of the most visited national parks. Upon leaving I entered Teton Wilderness. It was a largely flat day and the miles were flying by, so I walked late into the evening. Other than deer I saw no wildlife until it was dark. I turned a corner and saw a weird prickly shape at the end of my headlamp’s beam. I shined it brighter and saw a porcupine sticking its quills at me. Luckily it is a myth that they can shoot their quills, and I just backed up and tried to take a photo in the dark. It was a big day, but successfully put Dubois and my next resupply within reach for tomorrow.

Miles 49

Total miles 4223

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