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Day 134 – Burney and the Falls

PCT day 46-A series of mishaps due to setting up my tent in the rain and in the dark led to some loose stakes and loose tent walls. As a result my sleeping bag and my tent had some water in them by morning. It was actually quite an unpleasant night with a rainstorm in one of the most unlikely of places on the trail. This coming week the temperatures will hit triple digits along the area. I didn’t let the wet and cold bother me and packed up in full rain gear in the pounding rain. After a quick cup of cold coffee with incredible homemade vanilla latte mix (thanks mom!) I was on the trail headed towards the town of Burney and then on to Butney falls state park. While walking the ridges in the rain I turned my phone on and was soon sucked into an hours worth of phone calls. It’s a new record and they were actually all enjoyable and helped keep my mind off the rain. By the time I made it 15 miles to the highway the rain has stopped and the hot weather had started to move in. I got a quick ride to the town of Burney, bought a few things, charged my phone a little and made it back to the trail where I coasted into Burney Falls State Park. I had this location circled for the last couple hundred miles since my new shoes were coming here! I got them on, took a look at the falls and hit the trail again to keep working towards Oregon. Although I got new shoes I am still looking to find a good insole to pair with them as I have used up all the previous ones I had. Suggestions are welcome. In the next couple days I should hit I-5 at castle crag.

Miles 1393-1426

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