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Day 141- Seiad

PCT day 53-I had one goal in the morning: to make the 12 miles to Seiad Valley as early as possible so I could both eat in the cafe and more importantly get as much of a charge in my phone as possible. I was able to complete the 12 mile including the 6 mile road walk by 10am and had two hours to relax before the post office opened. I ate multiple meals and was able to keep the cost relatively cheap. I chatted with other hikers and finally was able to grab my box, pack up and begin the 5k foot climb in the heat of the day. The climb was even hotter than it looked through a burn area. Luckily I made it to the top and grabbed a great campsite with a beautiful view of Shasta. My days with views of Shasta are numbered and she is getting very small in the distance. Tomorrow I finally will enter into Oregon.

Miles 1641-1671

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