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Day 156 – October Rain

I slept for 11 hours. It felt amazing. My legs still had some soreness, but they didn’t feel on the verge of falling off like yesterday. I wouldn’t be setting any mileage or pace records again today, but I hoped to get my body adjusted back to an almost normal day. I would listen to feel out how things went and go from there. Clouds littered the sky and a little precipitation fell in the first few hours of hiking. The temperature was colder than the previous few days, but it was still pleasant. By mid morning the sun was being along through the clouds and it felt like just another day. While walking the 11,000’ ridges a noise caught my attention and I looked to my left. A middle aged man was standing there in a snowsuit in the middle of

the bushes. I said below but he just looked blankly back. It was very strange and I quickly kept moving. Further down the trail I met a more normal hiker, Bee, a man from Oregon hiking the CDT southbound. We hiked together for a few miles and it was motivating and nice to have someone else setting a solid casual pace. It kept my mind off pushing an overworked body too hard. Overall I am almost recovered. I think by tomorrow I should be nearly 100% again, but I don’t think it helps recovery to be continually to hike. It could slow down the process. Despite raining off and on all day, it wasn’t a bad day.

Miles 32

Total miles 5112

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