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Day 165-Fire Creek

PCT day 77-I have finally escaped the cold, uncomfortable embrace of the Washington clouds. It’s a far cry from the clear skies of Southern California or even the dependable sun breaks throughout the Sierra Nevadas and the southern cascades but for Washington this weather is all I wanted. Think of it as partly cloud with a chance of rain with sun breaks. I’m sure the weathermen up here forecast that every day and never miss. I have decent views of the jagged peaks of the northern cascades as well as a cloud clothes Glacier Peak. This northern cascades mountain is a cloud magnet. I was often above the trees and walking through lush green hill sides just a few feet removed from the 6k foot snowfields. Luckily there was a good mix between major climbs and flat ridge walking. Over the past week I have had days of over 10k feet of climbing in a day. I can see for mile upon more but this is one of the more remote areas j will him through. There is little sign of people. I am blessed to be able to call this incredible wilderness home for a few days! In the mid afternoon I saw a group of people hiking in to climb the mountain in the next few days. After talking to them for a while I may have to add Glacier Peak to my to do list. As the day would down I climbed up and over Fire Creek pass which was pretty loaded with snow. The back side of the pass was so full I was able to half ski half slide down and cut some switchbacks. Descending the pass carried on forever and the lower I got the more over grown the trail was. Eventually I was fighting off blackberries and brush with every step. At one point the trail was just gone. In its place was a sheer drop 100 feet. The trail must have washed out here. I was able to manage a 46 mile day before finally turning in.

Miles 2478-2524

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