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Day 165 – More Snow

It snowed most the night. In some spots the powder was over 6 inches deep. Putting shoes on in the morning was painful. They were frozen stuff and I had to wedge my foot in after making them as pliable as possible. Then when my foot was in, I couldn’t tie the laces for another couple miles because they were so iced up. This storm has definitely thrown a wrench in my schedule, but I’m sure I can make it up when I get to the true desert. The wind was so fierce and it was so cold today it felt like crossing the frozen tundra. Then suddenly at 3pm the storm broke and the sun shone through. I quickly pulled my gear out and dried it off in the sunlight before following a myriad of dirt roads. Most of the better roads were full of hunters in their trucks, but all the roads were covered in wet mud. My shoes picked it up quickly and I was soon as walking with pounds of it caked on my feet. It was like wearing ankle weights. Under the clear night sky, I decided to make some miles while the weather was good, so I hiked until after 10pm. Tomorrow I should make it to Ghost Ranch and be that much closer to real desert.

Miles 49

Total miles 5360

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