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Day 177 – Bull

Thunder and lighting flashed and the sky opened up. Another nightly storm. It is the strangest thing. At 7pm the sky is clear and the stars are great, and then the storm rolls in lightning fast and the fun begins. This storm impeded my sleep as well as drinking too much caffeine late in the day. But, sleep impaired and all, I walked westward as quickly as possibly to pick up my maps at the post office. It wasn’t too tough to keep a blistering pace and I arrived in Alma in the afternoon. From here I got a ride to Glenwood and back, maps in tow. Neither town had much to offer, but I did use the small store right near the Grand Enchantment Trail in Alma to do a basic resupply. From here I set out toward Arizona. I should hit the new state tomorrow. I crossed the San Francisco river and trudged along the dirt road through cows and horses. First a horse started following me, and with a quickened pace I lost the curious animal. Then I came on a group of cows and all but one scattered at my appearance. When I looked at the stubborn one, all I saw were a pair of giant balls. It was a bull. I took a wide berth around his position and tried not to meet his eyes. I wasn’t into running from an angry bull and luckily I didn’t have to. The evening was beautiful, but after the night lily storms recently I won’t get my hopes up.

Miles 43

Total miles 5808

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