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Day 18 – Roan

I woke up barely avoiding the many puddles the leaking roof of the shelter caused and I finally got to introduce myself to the others staying at the shelter. I was up early and flying through the rest of my snacks while not making the miles that would correlate to my eating. Even so, I made it over Roan mountain and to the overmountain trail intersection. Many if the fields and trails have history going with them that goes back to the revolutionary war. It’s pretty amazing walking through the history. The snow is gone for the most part and taken over by the slickest ice I have ever walked on. I spent a few miles ice skating the short ups and downs until I began to drop to a road. As I flew down the mountain I realized just how tired, worn out and soaked I was. I knew there was a hostel just off the trail and the visions of a shower overtook my will to put in a few more miles. I ended up at the very clean, nice hostel for the night and getting a ride down in to town for a great burger and a resupply on snacks. I also saw of scale in the bathroom and made use of it. As expected I have lost weight, but also more weight than I had hoped to lose nearly 3 weeks in. Time to eat more junk food. I should make Hampton, TN in a day or two and follow the trail into Damascas, VA shortly thereafter.

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