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Day 181-Lincoln

CDT day 9- I had no agenda. I slept in, had breakfast and grabbed my resupply package and had an overall very relaxing morning in town. Once I was packed up and check out of my hotel on the way out of town I met a Northbound thru hiker. I decided to have lunch with him so that we could trade some trail info. It was pretty helpful to get some good up to date observations on the upcoming water situation. Eventually we wrapped up lunch and it was back to the trail for me. When I got back to Rogers pass and began hiking thunderstorms threatened. This section of the trail is on exposed mountains and ridges and definitely not where you want to be in a storm. Because of this safety concern I cut my day short when I found a reasonable safe plot of land to call home and cooked up a nice risotto for dinner before crawling in my cave.

Mile 301

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