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Day 2 – Busted bladder

Either due to living in a time zone an hour ahead, or being so ready to start my first full day I was up and hiking early. The desert heated up quick, but after 10 am it didn’t get any hotter. A thin layer of clouds covered the sky. The potentially scalding rocks and sand remained cooler throughout the day providing the perfect conditions.

My legs felt good and I kept them churning across the giant waterless stretches. The day began with a 13 mile stretch, followed by a brutal 31 mile dry stretch. At the first water of the day some construction workers were talking and taking a break. When I walked over the berm and off the desert floor, their jaws dropped and they stared at me intently. Wondering who would walk that sandy oven. I am camped about 10 miles from the next source. To prepare and carry enough water, I filled up nearly 6 liters worth between a platypus bladder and smart water bottles. But, when I stopped mid day there was a wet spot on my pack. I looked deeper and saw that a tent stake had poked a small hole in the water container. A container I was hoping to rely on for the upcoming 72 mile waterless stretch.

Side note: the water out here tastes awful!

Miles hiked today: 34

Days since last shower: 2

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