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Day 207 – Rolling Desert

I slept in a bit. My body is really beginning to ache, like it almost knows the adventure is ending. I climbed up and over a pass and then dropped down to the desert floor again. Here I found my only water if the day, a real nasty cow pond. Now at re end of the day I am glad I got water there and I am a bit nervous about finding future water. It was smooth walking in the afternoon, but a couple new pains popped up. The inside of my knee screams at me with every step. I don’t often take Advil, but this seems to be that type of injury. Adding to the pains of previous days, my back is also giving me some trouble. This all seems pretty minor in the Grand scheme of things since my finish date looks to be only a day or two away. This desert hiking is giving me some intense deja vu. It is eerily similar to the desert I walked across 7 months ago. It’s just hard to imagine I walked such a circle and am nearly back where I started.

Miles 36

Total miles 6841

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