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Day 214-CHARGE

CDT day 42 -Miles Hiked today: 37

CDT total distance traveled: 1485

Total trip miles: 6365

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: Achilles hamstring

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: vanilla homemade latte 37 miles to get to the highway into steamboat springs and my resupply. For once in a day where I had an exact mileage to hit I was up early. Luckily in the cold morning I had about 2 hours of climbing which kept me relatively warm. When I ascended over 11k feet the views opened up and were incredible with green, lakes and wilderness all around. I meandered along the ridges for the better part of the day before dropping down towards a campground then continuing to the road. Within a mile of the road I saw two bobbing moose antlers. I yelled at them, talked to them and tried to talk them into moving off the trail but they wouldn’t listen. Then when I took a step towards them one got up, stretched and then sprinted right at me. I dove into a bush and held real still while he looked around. He lost interest and I slowly backtracked and climbed way around the moose to avoid further incident. With that excitement out of the way I made it into steamboat without much hassle and can resupply tomorrow morning.

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