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Day 239-Weather coming in

CDT day 67-Miles Hiked today: 36

CDT total distance traveled: 2312

Total trail miles: 7192

Avg temps: 60s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: dehydrated bean chili During this final two weeks of my adventure I encourage everyone to donate to fight suicide prevention at: The New Mexico mornings are a comfortable cool instead of the finger numbing cold I had come to expect. Even on top of on of the ridges no extra layers were necessary to start the day. The majority of the day was spent on old roads that I would not have dared take a car on but I ended up seeing all kinds of old automobiles navigate the rough tred and potholes. One especially old looking truck stopped and gave me some apples. It’s always nice to supplement my food with fruit. Although it is 20 plus miles between water sources I was able to carry and drink plenty throughout the day thanks to the cooler temperatures. I can’t imagine this section in the heat of summer. As the light faded it was apparent the forecasted rain would come in and indeed it did.

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