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Day 240-Grants

CDT day 68-

Miles Hiked today: 38

CDT total distance traveled: 2350

Total trail miles: 7230

Avg temps: 70s

Injuries: hamstring Achilles

Pain: sore feet

Exhaustion level: moderate

Favorite meal: vanilla latte

During this final two weeks of my adventure I encourage everyone to donate to fight suicide prevention at: Today is my eight month anniversary of hiking. It rained all night but I was warm and cozy in my tent. Too warm and cozy. I am usually out and fighting the elements around 630 but on this morning I just studied the roof of my tent for the better part of an hour. When I finally was walking it was only a couple miles until I reached the top of the ridge and began dropping in to Grants,NM. The clouds broke and it turned into a very pleasant day. I wasn’t truly woken up and into the hiking until I brushed a cactus and got poked. The last few miles into Grants are by a prison and down a semi dangerous road so I was a little on edge. It’s ironic to walk by a prison since I would describe what I have as complete freedom and they have the opposite. In grants I bought a few things, most notably flavoring to poor in my water to stomach the very foul taste most of it has. Then Carole Mumm, the local trail angel brought my packages and gave me the low down on the upcoming section. I headed out of town and when I turned my phone back on I had the nicest message from Carole saying other hikers just told her what I was doing and wished me well. Little messages like this are the most uplifting!

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