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Day 41 – Pennsylvania 

Maryland did not last long and in my journey northward I have crossed into yet another state. Pennsylvania is the next one up. I finished today with a long day reaching the mid 30s mileage wise. It sure felt a lot longer. It seemed that 1/2 the time I was navigating the rock fields that Pennsylvania is known for on the AT. In terms of continuing education, the lesson of the day was the mason Dixon line which marks the state line between Maryland and Pennsylvania. The weather was nice today, and the sun was warm. When I think I have adjusted to the warm weather rain and cold follows and then the relentless heat comes back making me adjust all over again. These are problems I welcome though. I’m not sure if others have the same problem but this time change has thrown me off. I keep looking at my watch and feeling an hour behind. Soon enough the daylong will be long enough I may not even need a watch. Hopefully the relentless crossing of roads through Pennsylvania eventually subsides and I can be immersed in the wilderness once again.

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