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Day 44 – Gunshots

I have never been within earshot of a battlefield but today there were gunshots, canon sounds and jets around. The military presence has definitely been felt. Last night may have been my best night of sleep on the trail. I had a shelter to myself and was thoroughly filled after eating in town. On top of that due to various reasons I had not slept well the past couple nights and it was time to makeup for it. I had no alarm and didn’t emerge from my sleeping bag until the sun was out in full force around 7 and I was thoroughly refreshed. I took the rocky trail northward. When I say rocks I do not mean pebbles. I was often climbing boulders, navigating cliffs and giant rock slabs. It was not conducive to hiking quickly. As I continued the seesaw of walking on tops of the ridges I finally dropped for good into an old mining town that used to contain 1000 people. Now there is nothing. It’s pretty amazing how once the mine died so did the town. The were giant rock piles and some old relics strewn about but overall there was little evidence of inhabitants. I managed to log a day in the low to mid thirties as far as mileage even with sleeping in. It seems in Pennsylvania I could carry just a daypack and make it into towns at least once a day with all the proximity and access roads. Tomorrow it’s on the Port Clinton.

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