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Day 48 – Hat Creek Rim

My ankle is slowly healing. Now the tenderness is only noticeable when running from mosquitos and landing wrong on a rock. Early in the day, the trail was so gentle and pleasant that neither action had to take place. The only surprising thing was near the boundary of Lassen National Park where a bear bolted across the trail. Once he saw me he fled about 50 yards away. A distance perfect for viewing, but too far for quality pictures. It was fun to finally see giant wild mammal. Old Station came shortly thereafter. After the Hat Creek “Resort” was less than inviting, I hiked further to the Old Station fill up, a gas station in the town of 50 people. They could not have been nicer and this they earned my business for the small resupply. Then it was up on top of that the Hat Creek Rim to hike into the sunset. Mt Lassen was giant and fantastic looking to the South, with only Mt Shasta rivaling it. The only factor detracting from the majestic and life changing sunset were the boards of mosquitos is on the rim, and thus my ankle feeling tender trying to move over the rocks. Rain may soon be in the forecast for the first time in forever, but today was nearly the perfect day!

Miles 34

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