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Day 52 – The Empire State

I left New Jersey for good today and moved on to New York for about 100 miles. The trail was incredibly rocky with features called the pinnacle and cat rocks and multiple other high points. It brought back memories of the the rocky state of Pennsylvania. It only seemed fitting on Easter Sunday I would be climbing the stairway to heaven as its named. I maneuvered the rocks well and became fully aware that I had entered my least favorite stage and state of hiking. The point when I have run out of snack (due to eating them all) and must rely on eating multiple smaller meals to get by on this segment. There is just something innately satisfying about having something salty or sweat to eat that doesn’t require preparation. I completed another thirty mile day and and camped out. The shelters have become further and further apart (14 miles) and it didn’t work out today to stay at one.

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