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Day 62 – Nearing Vermont

Massachusetts has not been my state. I have been sick in it, caught in a spring snowstorm, seen temperatures drop to the single digits and tonight I spilled hot water on my hand. I am fine and have no complaints but I truly am ready for a new state. I told Speedstick who I am hiking with once again: “athletes have bad games, I just had a bad state.” We are camped about 3 miles from the Vermont border. Today was a day full of snow, mountains and some views. We had a quick bite and were out of Dalton by 9. Then by 10 we were trudging through ankle deep snow. This means that by 10:02 my feet were wet. I meant to have waterproof shoes all through this trail but due to an early shoe failure I am making due with something most people would jog in. It really elevates the experience of walking through the snow when you can feel every snowflake on your toes. After 9 quick miles we walked through Cheshire and I picked up my resupply package. Fit with a heavy pack I broke trail with speedstick to the top of the tallest mountain in Massachusetts: Mt Graylock. It was cold and windy at the top buy we caught a quick glimpse of the larger peaks that lay in our near future. The day ended with a descent into a road crossing near North Adams, MA where we went in the local store. Since I was resupplied already all I grabbed was the discount Easter candy. Then it was off to find a place to camp. Now that I have recovered from my sickness I am trying to eat even more to get back to a healthy weight. Having enough snacks is always the issue with this. If anyone would like to send a box of snacks out or anything else you think would be good I would love it! Just send me an email and I can help you with the address. (

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