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Day 67 – Blueberry Pancakes

Waking up in a real bed in a warm hotel room was nice in many ways. I was able to take another shower, my water wasn’t frozen, and my shoes weren’t frozen solid. On top of that the hotel offered coffee roasted in house along with a full breakfast with blueberry pancakes cooked to order. I ate what could have been enough food for an entire day for the normal person and then packed my pack and was at the post office the moment it opened. I added my resupply into my pack and headed back up into the mountains of Vermont. The day was rainy and cold with the peaks of the mountains cloaked in clouds. Luckily the temperature was warm and I could see the snow finally receding from the trail. The day flew by and with the late start in town I was still able to put in a 30 mile day. It is supposed to rain even more tomorrow but I will be entering the new state of New Hampshire! I also finally saw a porcupine this evening. Ending mileage: 1730

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