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Day 71 – Mountaineering

The hiking today became a lot more than hiking. I climbed up and down multiple 4 and 5 thousand foot peaks with many of the north facing sides having long chutes of ice. This was not just a slick spot that glistens on a street when it freezes over night. This ice was so slick and smooth it glistened and sparkles in the sunlight. My well worn trekking poles continually had trouble digging in even a fraction to give me more stability and traction on these predominantly down climbs. Looking past the ice that continually weighed on my decisions: as I was climbing down North Kinsman peak I saw a couple going up. After chatting with them and telling them my story the lady gave me some Gatorade shot blocks. It was great as I have been craving that sort of gummy food. At lunch I had an incredible apple pie(dehydrated). My aunt Vicki put some apple pie filling in one of my resupply boxes and although my mom would not approve of the lunch consisting of only apple pie, it may have been my best lunch in the woods. I hiked well into the evening and climbed multiple peaks to end a 30 mile day. I would write a longer post today but I have dozed off twice while writing this.

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