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Day 74 – Burn

It was a quick exit from Mt Rainier National Park in perfect weather. Few clouds dotted the horizon and it looked like the rain was gone for now. I made use of the bathroom at Chinook Pass and climbed by sheep lake and to the top of the ridges. After some dry ridge line walking, the burn area started. Down trees were everywhere. I went over some around others and even under a couple. By the time the burn area ended I wanna as covered in black ash. The trail dropped down to the Ulrich Cabin seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Not much was going on at the cabin but the mosquitos were tolerable. Then the climb up blowout mountain began. After a day of seemingly mild ups and downs, the last mile up blowout at the end of a 40 mile Day was something that I really felt. At the top camp was made on a beautiful ridge with hundreds of elk in the valley below.

Miles 40

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