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Day 78 – Food

I woke up with too many miles to go and too little food to do it. Especially when you account for the beating my body has endured on the snow and ice. I climbed up and through the Bigelow mountain range and was greeted by a cloud cloaked summit. Just by walking through the mist all my clothes and gear were soon wet. There were no views to be had. By the second of the two large summits of the day I was completely out of food with nearly 30 miles to my next resupply. I had drastically underestimated this section along with the resilience of my body. I really didn’t set any speed records on these rugged snowy climbs. By 10 I had eaten all my food and gone through my food bag multiple times just looking for a crumb. After miles of hiking hungry I came across some day hikers and long story short in exchange for some food I told them some hiking stories over a beer! It is going to be tough to ration the few bars I have until I can resupply tomorrow morning. I chose to eat half that night and the other 3 the next day. But I was so hungry I went ahead and had them all for dinner as I was having trouble sleeping on an empty stomach. I camped 14 miles from my resupply so I would need to survive on tea and coffee for these miles. Luckily they would be flat.

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