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Day 81 – Trail Magic

Trail magic is when you experience the unexpected. It couple been a beer or a can of soda on the side of the tail or something much more. A trail angel is someone who provides great trail magic. After a day of planning my transition to the Pacific Northwest Trail and picking up new shoes and socks, I was finally ready to leave with an incredibly heavy pack at 330 and I was immediately picked up by JoAnne, a nurse from Canada. Conversation flowed and at the end of the ride she offered fruit and hard cider. It was an amazing start to the section of this whole western loop I am most apprehensive about. It is about 200 miles to my next resupply and there are few options to bail out. It will be a fun adventure, but outside of the copious amount of water I carried through the 70 mile waterless stretch in Joshua Tree National Park, this is the most weight I have carried in year. The saying rings true: people carry their insecurities on their back and mine seem to be food.

Miles 11

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