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Day 89 – The desert

PCT – day 2

I woke up and packed up to hit the trail at Lake Morena with a spring in my step that few other hikers had. Many were hobbling around from soreness or blisters. The miles flew by since the trail is so well maintained and there is no snow or ice on it. I also had many flashbacks to my first thru hike. There may have been a 5 year drought since I hiked out here but it still looks the same. I saw one rattlesnake today that was about 4 feet long and had no interest in me he just slowly slithered away. At mile 22 for the day I made the decision to go into Mt. Laguna and get a couple items I’ve been needing and then I was stuck there for a couple hours. The outfitter there does pack shakedowns to try to help people get their pack weight down and before I knew it I was teaching people how to pack their packs, what stuff they didn’t need to buy from the outfitter and what they really did. Two hours later I finally left feeling better about myself after being able to help. I think I just saw myself 5 years ago with a 60 pound pack and decided to pass it along. I closed out the day walking rolling hills with an amazing view of the Anza borrega desert which once again brought back memories of hiking through the middle of an ultra marathon 5 years ago and having the aid stations handing me food and water along with the runners.

Miles: 20-53

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