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Day 90 – Cloud wall

PCT day 3

As I sit here writing this I see a gigantic wall of dark clouds coming right at me. The forecast is heavy rain, winds, and thunderstorms. It could be a wild night. I not only staked my tent into the ground but also put boulders on top of the tent stakes and parted they would hold. Leading up to this point today I had some of everything. At about 430am I started to feel rain on my face. I chose to camp under the stars which was a poor choice. Once I felt rain and saw the time I decided to forego the process of setting up a tent and begin my day with a very old and damp sleeping bag. The miles flew by and I met countless hikers…through 3 days I have passed 103 hikers. It’s been a different experience that the Appalachian trail. I got to know a few of the hikers, gave away more water to those in need. It was another 33 mile day and I still am doing fine in the heat so I plan on upping my miles even more tomorrow depending on this large storm rolling through. No rattlesnakes today but lots of rabbits, lizards and birds in this incredibly windy section of the desert.

Miles: 53-86

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