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Day 92 – Metaline Falls

There couldn’t be a better section of the trail to get sick on. By how the towns line up and the post office schedules, I was able to take it pretty easy the last few days. I am finally truly starting to feel better. The energy level will be the last thing to return. Patrick, my host cooked me a full breakfast and then burned some cedar and said a Native American prayer for me, and I was off. A few miles of paved road, then some gravel and I was at the trailhead to go over Abercrombie Mountain. It was a straight 5,000’ climb and then a drop down the other side right back to roads. But the trail was perfect, not even a downed tree anywhere. The top of the mountain offered great views of everything around, but only for a few minutes as the trail dropped sharply back to 2,100’. I followed 14 more miles of roads to arrive in Metaline Falls, my destination for the day. I met some other hikers at the local restaurant and we found an old historic building “downtown” that would let us stay there for very cheap. Unfortunately, it didn’t have air conditioning, and with these 100 degree days, the upstairs is hot. I have to wait until 10:30 tomorrow to get my package from the post office, so I will get even more rest hanging around, and then it’s off into Idaho after too long in Washington.

Miles 32

Total miles 2980

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