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Day 98 – The Wind

PCT day 11Staying in a hotel is nice but it always interrupts the normal routines such as breakfast. Because it was there, I took full advantage of the continental breakfast at the hotel and even managed to stuff my pockets with things I thought would make good snacks. This also meant I was not up early in the morning to get a good start before the heat. I didn’t make it out of town and back into the desert until after 8. This meant the day got uncomfortably hot much quicker than I would have liked. I was soon dripping sweat and making quick work of my water so I made the decision to take a siesta in the shade with some other hikers I saw. Turns out my siesta only lasted long enough to meet them and cool off for a bit and then I was right back on the trail. As I neared the top of Mt San Antonio the wind got so strong I had to lean one way into it as I walked. It is a notoriously windy section but the wind seemed extreme even for it. It was especially windy after I reached Duffy campground which was the first water in 22 miles. I pushed a bit into the evening to make up for the late start and am camped at the base of Mt Baden Powell under the information sign in order to avoid as much of the wind as possible. No need to put up a tent in the desert. I usually just sleep under the stars.

Miles: 342-374

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