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Personalized coaching for athletes running ultramarathons, attempting FKTs, and with upcoming adventures. UESCA Certified Ultrarunning coach

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I have coached athletes to new distances, first ultramarathon, FKTs, personal PRs, and through months-long race series. Communication and personalization are what I strive for most in each athlete's training program. It is all about each individual's goals and how we can accomplish them.  I program each workout for athletes, usually about two weeks out at a time, and work with the schedule and timeline of each individual. 

Rate: $175 per month, $475 for 3 months

Personalized training program with open communication and easy adjustments to fit your schedule

Summary of Personal Accomplishments

-1st Jackpot 48 hour (2023)

-1st Across the Years Last Person Standing (2022)

-1st and Course Record Palisades 50 miler (2023)

-1st and Course Record Moonlight on Mt. Ascension 12 hour (2023)

-1st Devils Backbone 50 miler (2023)

-3 Time Cocodona 250 finisher (2021-2023)

-9 ultras over 100 miles (4 over 200 miles)

FKTs (Speed Records)

-John Muir Trail FKT (2022)

-Colorado Trail FKT (2020)

-Long Trail FKT (2019)

-Arizona Trail FKT (2019)

-Pinhoti Trail FKT (2019)

-Pacific Northwest Trail FKT (2014)


-Calendar Year Triple Crown (AT, PCT, CDT) (2016)

-Great Western Loop (2nd person) (2018)

Email: to inquire

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