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Free Outside the Movie

How to watch it?

On August 28, 2020, mountain athlete Jeff Garmire set out to break the unsupported Colorado Trail record. This meant he had to carry all his food and gear for the entire 490 miles, and complete the trail faster than anyone ever had before. The goal was to cover over 50 miles daily and also capture the personal journey from Durango to Denver.


The idea of filming the record attempt was born out of a failed TV show, which led Jeff and director Dylan Harris to take on the challenge together. They hired some of the crew they worked with on the previous show and, in only two weeks, had a strategy to capture something that had never been captured before. Jason Fitzpatrick, the amazing director of “Mile Mile and a Half” came aboard to turn the epic footage into a spectacular showcase of what goes into an unsupported adventure. The grassroots and team effort brought about a studio-quality film through persistence, passion, and grit.


No film crew had ever captured an unsupported record before, and it was done without having any contact with Jeff throughout the duration. Two stories of one record make “Free Outside” one of the most unique films ever made.

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