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Crocs: The Best Trail Shoe?

What happened to camp shoes? I remember my first hike where the versatile synthetic clog was perfectly strapped to my pack for every mile. Whether to change out of heavy boots to cross rivers in, or for gardening projects while in town, Crocs are stylish and perfect.

As my dad says, “They weigh practically nothing,” which is about as much info as is needed to make the addition to an ultralight backpacking kit. Now I will not try to further persuade you to take Crocs on the trails, because if you haven’t decided after the above argument, then you are already lost. But what I will do below is show you some of the most intriguing styles of Crocs and which personality type they mesh best with. At we are a Pro-Croc zone.

Here are our Croc recommendations and the personality that fits with each style!

The perfect crocs for thru hiking
Cougar Print Crocs

There is an old lady in there with a flair for fun. Maybe you enjoy knitting or cross-stitching, but gosh darn it, you also are a thru-hiker. You have a wild side that easily escapes the weekly bridge games you attended before your thru-hike. Maybe you like to play cribbage on the trail, but you can also drink malt liquor with the youngsters. These Crocs show the world that you are multi-faceted.

Floral crocs for thru hiking
Floral Crocs

You are reserved. Getting any pattern on your Crocs was a reach. But even though you hate to admit it, letting go and having fun is exciting. The outdoors is to break up the routine and continually climb up the corporate ladder. Now when people say you don’t have fun, show them your Croc.


Fun Crocs
Fun Crocs

Fun is fun, but the more unstructured the better. These Crocs are the first chance you have had to find your true self without the judgment of those around you. Put your tie-dye on and never take it off. You have found your community, home, and perfect Croc.

Camo crocs for hiking
Camo Crocs

Sometimes it is just better not to be seen. For you, the outdoors is a personal spiritual quest in which the others on the trail are simply fellow truth seekers. These blend in much like you like to blend into the forest and become one with nature. Your personality has pointed you towards these Crocs, now don’t lose sight of the camo or it may be gone for good.

keeping crocs spicy
Spicy pepper crocs

There is just something so hot and steamy about Mother Nature. Not only does it perfectly fit your personality, but the feeling of dirt on your skin feels better than living in your comfort zone. The hot peppers on these Crocs perfectly match your flair for fun.

The Warmest Crocs
Crocs for cold feet

Not every hike starts in the desert and even if it does, there are those among us that get cold feet. It’s daunting to venture into the cold and vulnerable environment of nature. These Crocs are for those with perpetually cold feet. If you are a foot sweater, I would look elsewhere.


Star Crocs for running
Star Crocs

If you are a star for all the mere mortals surrounding you to look up at, why don’t you display stars on your feet? Your feet are the real MVP, so treat them like the stars they are. Buying any of these Crocs will correctly display what you think of your feet.


Smile crocs for thru hiking
Smile Crocs

“Why can’t we all just be happy.” Well since that is an open-ended impossible question, let’s ignore it. If you rarely smile, these are a good reminder of what the facial expression actually looks like. They are best for people with strong frown muscles and a continually furrowed brow. They make every trip outside the house a “happy” one.

Crocs sandals for hiking
Crocs Sandals

This sandal is perfect for the person who acts older than his age. It says, “I look like a dad, but I’m not yet.” What these lack in style they make up for in functionality. Combine the grace of a river sandal with the name brand of Crocs. Order yours today and pair them with your best dad joke.


Crocs Review

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