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Day 166 – Ghost Ranch

Another morning of ice on the tent. But, this would hopefully be the last for a while. I camped at 9,500’ and I would be camping at least 3,000’ lower tomorrow night. It was a day of largely descending on muddy dirt roads. There were sun breaks, light rain and enough clouds for a lifetime. I was meeting someone at Ghost Ranch, former home of Georgie O’Keefe and I had to make good time. I was surprisingly quick and spry for the day after a near 50 mile Day and completed the jaunt without issue. The afternoon was spent in the spitting rain around the ranch and then after a quick ride to and from Abiquiu to get a couple items I was back on the trail. Unfortunately the one thing I forgot was toilet paper. If my memory serves right I should pass some outhouses tomorrow, so I just hope they have extra I can take to make it to Cuba.

Miles 34

Total miles 5394

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