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Day 172 – Hunters

Today was a weird day. A great, but weird day. My tent was wet after a night of wintery mix, and then I began the road walking that would consume the day. I grabbed water at the ranger station and then just put one foot in front of another. People were incredibly kind, asking if I needed water as they passed. But one man was particularly kind. He gave me water, then offered me a beer. We drank and had good conversation on the side of the highway. That’s how they do it in New Mexico. Charlie is a professional hunting guide and he said he would swing by later with another beer. As the sun was setting he rolled by again and offered a shower and a place to stay in his camper. We drove there, listened to the baseball game and shared stories all night. He even cooked a pizza for me. It was true trail magic from a trail angel. He did talk my ear off in a good way. It was passed midnight when I finally had to tell him, “You can keep talking but I’m going to fall asleep, so don’t expect me to respond.” It was a perfect evening. Tomorrow I will hit Pie Town, my last true town on the Continental Divide Trail. Then it’s on to the Gila and the Grand Enchantment Trail!

Miles 36

Total miles 5620

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