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Day 173 – Pie Town

I wake up at the same time every morning without an alarm clock. So despite going to bed too late I was up by 6:30. Charlie was not quite so quick to rise, so I took the liberty of turning on his generator to both get the morning going and serve as an alarm clock. I helped him clean up his camp a bit with coffee in hand before getting a ride back to the trail a bit later than I hoped. But, it’s a small price to pay for the great hospitality. The rest of the day was a road walk, largely on gravel and into Pie Town. Three guesses how Pie Town got its name. I walked Pie Town road all day. It was nearly a straight shot and monotonous. Luckily my friend, Charlie the hunter from yesterday rolled by in the early evening and gave me a beer. When I finally hit Pie Town I went right to the Toaster house. It is a house owned by Nita who lets hikers stay in it. It was perfect and after shorting myself on sleep last night I passed out and slept well!

Miles 33

Total miles 5653

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