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Day 176 – Breakdown

My body is hitting the point of break down. It seems every day there is a new ache or pain. My body begs for more sleep every morning and the shorter days are not helping. The pain of the day today is right knee pain. The inside of the knee is tight and feels like it needs a good stretching (which didn’t help). By my estimate I have about a month left on the trip and it may become a matter or compartmentalizing the discomforts and alleviating the nagging pains with Advil. Either way, it throws another wrench in the smoothness of a 7 month, 7,000 mile journey. Some of the recent nagging pains I have had: stabbing left foot pain, shoulder and neck soreness, back tightness/night spasms, Achilles tendinitis for the last couple months. I spent the day winding through the Gila, thinking more about my tender knee than the beauty around me, but there is still nothing I would rather be doing. Elk and deer roam everywhere and mostly sunny skies light up the great landscape! Late in the day I joined the Grand Enchantment Trail and am now heading largely west toward Arizona!

Miles 41

Total miles 5766

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