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Day 178 – Arizona!

More thunderstorms roared throughout the night. It meant another tough night of sleep and this time some water seeping into the toe box of my sleeping bag so I was not very comfortable. It did make getting up easier and I began to walk the dirt road. Unfortunately the heavy rain turned the dirt to mud. Foot thick heavy mud. I trudged through it and eventually crossed into Arizona; my final state. My spirits improved immensely and shortly thereafter I met a hunter who gave me food and water. Elk bugled and the road turned to trail. A very faint rugged trail that was tough and to follow on top of a high Mesa. This is not the Arizona most people know. It is wild, rugged and thickly vegetated. Overall the route is some of the harder terrain I have traversed this year. Every bush seems to have thorns, the trail is unmaintained and overgrown making the route finding awfully hard. An intense rain began and I navigated canyons and flash floods in the pouring rain. Finally in the evening the rain subsided and I joined a dirt road again. A truck drove by me on the road and the driver yelled out, “You know there are bears out here.” In fact, yes I do know this and the comment made me laugh. My tent and sleeping bag are wet, but the weather seems good, so hopefully I can get some good soggy sleep.

Miles 38

Total miles 5846

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