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Day 179 – Canyoneering

It was the first clear night in a while. The weather I have been waiting for. I finally slept great and caught up on all the rest the thunderstorms took from me. The day began with a climb to a ridge line and then a cross country crossing of it. The day was largely cross country and it contributed to thorns and burrs all over my socks and shoes. I crossed a highway which I should have taken but with no cars on it, I continued on. The trail slowly grew worse until it disappeared into the canyons. Giant, sandstone canyons with horses and cows in them. Here I began a love hate process that would last days of crossing over Eagle Creek. My feet were constantly wet with probably 100 total crossings to avoid the cliffs. It was quite a day and unfortunately I read my maps wrong and underestimated the length of the section, meaning I will have to make a painful detour tomorrow for a resupply. But I will get to see the last town in America owned by the mine surrounding it.

Miles 37

Total miles 5883

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