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Day 181 – Safford

In the last 24 hours I have seen lots of action on the wildlife front. I have seen crickets as big as my fingers and wasps as big as those crickets. I saw a bobcat and three skunks too. I stared at the butt of all three of those skunks and all three scares me into a run. It is never a part of the striped animal you want to be staring at. My socks are constantly full of thorns and picking them out is a losing battle so I gave up. The walking is incredible. There are canyons, and cacti that continually change up the landscape. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the Star Wars deserts and other times it would feel normal if John Wayne rode up on a horse. There are no hikers out here. Eventually I hit a road and then followed a litany of dirt track paths all the way into Safford, AZ. A lot the way one jeep gave me two gatorades which was very welcome in the heat. It was monotonous walking but I did get some good tarantula sightings. I made it to town a little after 8pm in the dark and got a cheap motel and walked to the bar next door to watch the World Series. I didn’t realize the game would last until 1am, but I stuck it out to the end.

Miles 37

Total miles 5941

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