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Day 182 – Rugged

I took my time and eventually left safford a bit before noon. It was my birthday (although this will come out after the day) and I wanted to get a good breakfast and resupply before leaving the large town. I made use of Walmart and the many fast food stops before walking the dirt road out of town and up towards the mountains. Must of the next two days will he spent climbing a mile and a half up into a very different climate than the tarantula filled desert floor. The road eventually gave way to a very faint trail and despite doing laundry, thorns, rocks and debris quickly filled my socks and shoes. It was tough to find the route until I dropped into Ash Creek, which I would follow for many miles. It was boulder hopping and cross country travel, very different than most of this year. I did stop to have my birthday dinner of a Taco Bell burrito, ramen with tuna, instant mashed potatoes and topped off with a poptart, candles and all. I sang to myself and called it a day!

Miles 29

Total mIles 5970

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