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Day 184

I woke up to an aching back, then as I got up I felt a giant knot in my right calf. I’m sure the calf strain happened while canyoneering my way up Ash Creek yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I am happy about it. Each time I step, the knot bulges and shoots pain through my calf. At least I am hiking because I don’t think I could run today. The terrain wasn’t any easier, but it did feel a little flatter. My pace was pretty consistent despite thorns sticking in my shoes and clothes. Actually this evening I pulled a thorn out of my beard. I hiked pretty late into the evening to make sure I can make it to Mammoth, AZ before I run out of food. It has been a rugged section full of overgrown and nonexistent trail, but also beautiful scenery and unique rock formations. The temperature has been consistently rising and adds the importance of carrying water. This means my pack can increase nearly 8 pounds if I need to max out my capacity.

Miles 39

Total miles 6038

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