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Day 185 – Canyons and Cacti

I woke up with yet another bloody nose. I believe it’s my 4th if the month, more than I have had in probably the last 4 years combined. It was another day of route finding and canyoneering. It is amazing and I would love it more if this were an earlier part of the trip. But at this point my feet are sore and worn, my achilles is stiff, and my legs don’t have the same power they had a couple thousand miles ago. These canyons are striking! Walls rise hundreds of feet and the floor is either sand or uneven rock. I have really enjoyed this section, but it has often proven more rugged and difficult than many other legs of the year. Above the canyons and on the flatter sections cacti are everywhere, illustrating the scarcity of water. My usual source of water is from cattle troughs. With so many thorns around, my legs are torn up. There are scrapes in every direction and I have come to learn which plants to avoid walking near at all costs with their barbed talons. It’s magical terrain and it is pretty amazing there is a route through it!

Miles 38

Total miles 6076

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