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Day 187 – Rollers

I woke up next to the RV belonging to the trail angel named Sequoia. There were no signs of life within, so I began my day. It was a largely uneventful day filled with cows, tarantulas and a couple water sources. Near the end of the day more fun started. Instead of the flat desert landscape short steep hills began. It lead to great views but wore me out. As I headed a highway I had a decision to make. I needed to resupply in one of the two upcoming towns and it really didn’t matter which. I had heard good things about Kearny, so I went into this first town with the hopes of making it back to the trailhead before night. I quickly went to the grocery and then popped in the pizza place and I’m glad I did. I got a while pizza and then the owner offered me a ride back when I was done! I used up all my data plan this month, so sorry for the lack of pictures in these couple posts. I should be able to get them in the posts within a day or two.

Miles 36

Total miles 6147

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