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Day 189 – T.I.T.S.

I haven’t been sleeping well, which is weird because although I often struggle to sleep in the real world, when I am in nature it usually comes easily. With the inability to sleep, I was hiking early. So early I had to use my headlamp. I crossed interstate 70 and continued north. The interstate is the main reason I resupplied in Kearny, I just wasn’t sure how to hitch into town on an interstate. I was under the impression it is illegal and I cannot afford a ticket, so I walked under the busy freeway to the sounds of gunshots in Tonto National Forest and hundreds of cars zooming past. I hiked by trail crews maintaining the trail, making sure to thank each person, and by two hikers. Then the long hot climb began, up over 5400’. I joined a dirt road and walked it to the boundary of the Superstition Wilderness. Two days ago, the guy owning the RV and providing food and trail magic told me about this event happening in the superstition wilderness. He called it TITS (Thanksgiving in the Superstitions). It looked like I would be able to attend. I walked in to the old site it Reavis Ranch and found the party. They were cooking a full thanksgiving meal over a fire. There was turkey, pulled pork, ham, mashed potatoes, and even pie and ice cream (kept cold with dry ice). There were 40 people there and everyone brought a dish in 7 miles on a rugged trail. It was amazing and I got to be part of it. There was so much food that no one went hungry, and at the end of the night there were guitars and a base played around the campfire. It was one of the more incredible things I have seen while hiking. Some of their packs must have been so heavy! I spent the evening there and cut my day a little short but it was totally worth it!

Miles 26

Total miles 6213

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