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Day 190 – Roosevelt Lake

Wow! 190 is a lot of days, where did the time go? I woke up at TITS, and left before most the others were up. I would have liked to stay for breakfast, but I have a long hike to finish up. With 20 Miles to Roosevelt Lake and my resupply, i meandered down the trail, setting no speed records. My body is constantly sluggish, no necessarily in a bad way, but it feels as though it’s the day after a hard workout. I guess if you walk enough miles, the body starts to wear down. I have been thinking about other endeavors and how this one compares. In my mind this hike is harder than both climbing the Colorado 14ers and completing the Calendar Year Triple Crown. I have taken less days off, and the organic nature of connecting a 7,000 mile loop provides less opportunity for rest and some sections of this loop have proved very difficult. I have also done this hike faster than 2016 in terms of miles per day. There is lots of time to think and these things were flowing through my head today. I dropped to Roosevelt Lake and found no one. Finally I found a call box and reached someone to get my resupply box. It contained new shoes and socks, which were very welcome. My old pair had multiple holes and the bottom had no tread. After getting a quick charge I left the marina and began the climb back into the mountains. On the trail my headlamp picked up a few pairs of close set eyes and when I shined it brighter on them I saw a group of javalenas. The little devil looking wild pigs scattered with snorting sounds and I hiked another couple miles to make sure I didn’t awake with one of those creepy faces looking me dead in the eyes. I set up under the stars and was witness to a few shooting stars before passing out.

Miles 30

Total miles 6243

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