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Day 191 – Four Peaks Wilderness

I felt sluggish all day today. My legs felt heavy and my mind was not focused as I moved through the four peaks wilderness. I did push through some of the negative thoughts and broke my day up a bit by taking off my pack doing some scrambling up the amazing rock formations dotting the trail. This seemed to satisfy my mind and late in the afternoon I finally settled into a groove. The other approach I took to get control of myself was eating with reckless abandon. I made multiple giant salami, cheese and dried vegetable burritos topped off with some salsa. It seemed to work and I salvaged another day northward. The scenery became incredible too, resembling some of the pacific crest trail in Southern California. I think another big factor is I have been yearning to see the Grand Canyon and it still is quite a ways away. I guess it will just make it that much more special until I get there.

Miles 35

Total miles 6278

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