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Day 193 – Pine

I ate too much food at the beginning of this section and just knew I would run out of food. Today my prediction came true. After rationing food most the morning, I ate my last tortilla at noon and hiked on an empty stomach that I kept refueling with caffeine until I reached Pine, AZ around 6pm. The terrain was rocky with long climbs and descents. It was not what I wanted with no more food in the backpack. Up high there were beautiful pine forests and the temperature was considerably cooler. The further I have moved north of the temperature has dropped significantly. As I near flagstaff in the next few days I may have one more snow battle on this adventure! When I finally made it into Pine I saw full grown elk on the lawns of the residents. I did a quick resupply at the grocery and had dinner at the local brewery. I met a couple really nice guys there and talked for a while and they even picked up the tab on my meal. It has been my week for trail magic! I hiked pretty late into the evening again but was greeted with some amazing shooting stars! There is something about these skies. I am entranced with northern Arizona.

Miles 38

Total miles 6358

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