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Day 199 – Kaibab National Forest

Wow, tomorrow will be my 200th day (#RandomThoughtOfTheDay). It was so cold last night. The overnight low was around 10 degrees. The condensation I talk (and complain) about so often were icicles when I woke up. It was one of the harder days to get going and even then my legs shivered and my fingers turned white. The good thing is the terrain was flat and for sheer desire to get and stay warm I held a pace of near 4mph. In a biting wind I had my hood up and beanie pulled down. It was not pleasant, but also nice to log some good miles. Taking breaks was almost worthless with how cold I would grow, so I only stopped to resupply my pockets with snacks and then kept moving. I came to a resupply box (similar to the one yesterday with hand warmers) and all the gallon jugs of water were frozen solid. The ponds of livestock water had a 3 inch sheet of ice covering them. Luckily my sleeping bag is still cozy at nights, but it sure is not the ideal hiking scenario. I should be at the Grand Canyon within a day and I could not be more excited!

Miles 42

Total miles 6552

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