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Day 200 – The Grand Canyon

It took 200 days but I made it to the Grand Canyon, something I have been dreaming about for a while. The mornings have been getting incrementally warmer since 2 days ago, and it was easier to get up. Water, was another issue. I opted to fill up at Russell tank, but after breaking the ice on the pond all I got was a light green tinged bottle of water. I tried to drink as little as possible until I could get cleaner water in Grand Canyon Village. I keep a pretty consistent 4mph pace on the flat ground and I was fueled by the promise of the National Park. I made it to the village, got some water and set out exploring the park. I checked out every reasonable viewpoint and found some more spots to visit tomorrow morning. I was hoping to drop down into the Canyon, but there is to too much to see even just on the south rim. This National Park will definitely warrant a trip back. One funny thing that happened today is after putting my practice to work and doing a hand stand on the rim of the Canyon, an employee told me about one person a month falls into the Canyon and half of those falls end in fatalities. Luckily I wasn’t one of those today. In the evening, I went for a sunset walk along the rim and was mystified with the stars and amazing sky above the rim of the giant canyon. This place is truly terrific!

Miles 35

Total miles 6587

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